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Forged Parts

Forging is the heating of metal slab or rough billet to melting point and squeeze the same to shape using blows from a steam powered hammer or in a giant press. In die forging, the work piece is forced in a press between the upper and lower dies. Parts like main drive shafts, combustor rings, compressor casings, rotor discs, gearwheel, blades etc can be forged to the finished dimensions and shape. Die forging is the economical way of producing parts which in certain cases, especially in blades, integrate thin aerofoils with camber and twist. Dies are held in a constant temperature at isothermal hot forging. Isothermal hot forging calls for exact control of forging temperature and ultimate cleanliness of dies.

Forged parts are also called as wrought parts. Forging technology used for blading is known as upset forging. Forged auto parts and forged components boast superior quality and energy efficiency. In upset forging, bar stock is fed in to a machine which electrically brings working end of bar to forging temperature and hydraulically controls the feed of the stock. The withdrawal stock of an anvil squeezed against the end leaves the bar-end with a specific irregular profile. This kind of profile doles out metal to make the tip, root and any snubbers or shrouds in subsequent forging.

Extrusion somewhat akin with forging. It is the forming of a linear part of constant cross-section by forcing it through a die of correct shape. Arora Forgings Pvt. Ltd offers high quality forged components such as forged steel flanges, forged bush couplings, forged auto parts and so on. Proficient team of Arora Forgings Pvt. Ltd crafts effective forged parts featuring superior quality and low cost solutions.


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