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Carbon Steel Flanges & Forgings

Carbon Steel Flanges and Forgings are used in pressure systems at higher and ambient temperature service conditions. There are some standards for Carbon Steel Flanges and Carbon Steel Forgings. Materials would be subjected to heat treatment such as normalizing, annealing, quenching, tempering etc. When required, forgings may be subjected to hardness, tension or hydrostatic tests with the latter applicable. Certain materials adhere to yield strength, tensile strength, reduction of area, elongation and hardness requirements. Carbon steel forging is made by the process of forging where carbon steel is heated up and particular shape has been given through the application of compressive force.

Carbon steel flanges make various industrial parts like blanks, blocks, disks, bars, spindles, flanges, shafts, cylinders, piping parts and rings. Numbers of industries use carbon steel forgings which include construction, military, aerospace, aircraft, automotive, mining, railway, chemical, marine, trucking, oil, defense and gas industries. Carbon steel is the iron based alloys containing carbon, little quantity of manganese and supplementary components. Strength and malleability of carbon steel flanges make it resourceful for many applications. Carbon steel forgings are uncomplicated to manufacture, cost-effective and temperature-effective.

Alloying elements in carbon steel are considerable in sustaining suitable mechanical, physical and corrosion impedance properties. Carbon steel flanges offer good secondary automatic properties, low cost and high strength. Arora Forgings Pvt. Ltd offer superior quality carbon steel flanges and forgings with cost-efficient solution. Well experienced and highly qualified forging team of Arora Forgings Pvt. Ltd work effectively to create distinctive and high quality carbon steel flanges and forgings.

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